When you get sick, your immune system produces antibodies.
Billions of tests are performed each year to detect these molecules as an indicator of disease.
Enable Biosciences has developed a technology called Antibody Detection by Agglutination PCR (ADAP),
which couples specific DNA tags with antigens that are used to detect
the presence of antibodies in your blood, saliva, or other bodily fluids.

There are many benefits to using ADAP as an antibody detection platform. These include:

  • Low detection volumes – ADAP can detect the presence of antibodies using small amounts of sample
  • Highly sensitive detection – When compared to other detection platforms, ADAP has been shown to be 10,000 times more sensitive
  • Multiplex detection- The solution phase aspect of ADAP allows for detection of multiple antibodies from the same source
  • Disease specific detection – Enable biosciences has developed successful panels for the detection of many diseases, such as HIV and Type 1 Diabetes, with others in development

More information about the science behind how ADAP works and publications showing the power behind our detection technology can be found at the following links:

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