Management Team

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Carolyn Bertozzi, PhD

Co-founder and Chair, SAB

Carolyn is a Professor of Chemistry at Stanford and an Investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. She has been recognized with many honors and awards for her research accomplishments. She is an elected member of the Institute of Medicine, the National Academy of Sciences, and American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She has been awarded the Lemelson-MIT Prize, the Heinrich Wieland Prize, and a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, among many others. In addition to her academic position, Carolyn recently guided the creation and acquisition of a biotech startup, Redwood Biosciences.

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Peter Robinson, PhD

Co-founder and CSO

Peter is an inventor of the core ADAP technology and recently completed his doctorate in chemistry for graduate work performed at UC Berkeley and Stanford. In the course of his degree program, he initiated four projects that apply chemical principles to create tools for the detection glycoproteins and antibodies. These projects have demanded broad expertise in numerous techniques in chemical synthesis, bioconjugation, molecular biology, and immunology. This work forms the basis of several peer-reviewed papers and patents.


David Seftel, MD, MBA

Co-founder and CEO

David is a seasoned clinician with a strong background in biotech and entrepreneurship. At Harvard Business School, he co-founded the Health Industry Clubwhich continues today to drive interdisciplinary innovation in the US and around the world. He has worked in a number of small startups, including helping to successfully pilot a diagnostic product through 510k certification. He has also advised and mentored numerous startups including those in the UCSF Lean Launchpad program and those presenting plans to venture capital and angel investors. 



Jason Tsai

Co-founder and CTO 

Jason is an inventor of the core ADAP technology and has extensive knowledge of immunology, protein biochemistry and engineering, and physical chemistry. As a graduate student at UC Berkeley and Stanford, he has filed numerous patents in biomedical science and published several peer-reviewed papers in cancer physical biology, diagnostics, and PCR-based assays. In addition, he was a graduate of the UCSF Lean Launchpad program, an NSF-sponsored biotechnology accelerator program. He was a Gold medalist at the 2004 International Chemistry Olympiad.



Advisory Board

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Mark Pandori, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Mark is an Adjunct Professor of Laboratory Medicine at UCSF and the Director of Alameda County Public Health laboratory, where he oversees infectious disease testing. He has over 15 years of experience in diagnostics evaluation and development.

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Srinath Sanda, MD

Scientific Advisor 

Srinath is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at UCSF. His research focuses on the translational immunology of type 1 diabetes. He was recently awarded the Mark Pescovitz Early Career Patient Oriented Diabetes Research Award as well as a Career Development Award from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

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PJ Utz, MD, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Professor Utz is an expert in the study of human and murine autoantibodies and autoantigens, apoptosis signaling pathways, animal models of autoimmunity, proteomics and multiplexed assay development for biomarker discovery. In 2002, he invented the protein microarray for monitoring antibody responses to disease.

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